Fantasy: Is DeMarco Murray dependable?

Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is a fine symbol for everything that ails the RB position heading into the 2012 fantasy football season. He's the devil we don't know. And we love him for it. Whereas players like Darren McFadden and Ryan Mathews have committed the sin of being injury-prone over multiple seasons, Murray has only crushed his fantasy teams once, and so it's easier for us to assume that one year might've been an aberration. He's young. He's fast (Murray ran a 4.41 40 at the combine). He's got tremendous receiving hands. And a year after Felix Jones spit the bit as the Dallas Cowboys' starter, Murray appears to have a huge edge on backfield touches.

But should we trust him?

Let me answer that question by posing you another question. You have been stranded on a desert island for three weeks, eating nothing but questionable-looking berries and drinking coconut milk, the supply of which is rapidly dwindling. A crate washes up to shore. This crate contains two items: A box of moldy Twinkies and a sack of horse manure. The moldy Twinkies are blue and smell like death. But at least they aren't horse manure.

So is DeMarco Murray is the moldy Twinkie in this analogy? Read here to find out ...