Tony Romo focused on winning title

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Ask Tony Romo and he'll tell you there was no epiphany. No moment of clarity.

But sometime during his gradual maturation from undrafted small-school free agent to NFL star, he realized his gaudy numbers -- whether we're talking about his career passer rating or his TD/interception differential -- don't mean a thing.

Not in a league where quarterbacks are judged solely by Super Bowl rings and playoff swag.

Romo is 1-3 as a playoff starter, which isn't nearly good enough in a city where Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach combined to earn five Lombardi Trophies and represent the standard.

Fans don't care about Romo's completion percentage. Or his leadership qualities, which are now more apparent than ever. They don't even care about his 47-30 record as a starter.

In the past, all of that bugged Romo whether he chooses to admit it publicly or not.

No more.

We started hearing him talk more about winning being the only thing that matters last season. And we saw it in his actions when he left the locker room with a cracked rib and a punctured lung to lead the Cowboys to a come from behind win over San Francisco.

It's a different dude who begins his seventh season as the Cowboys' starter Wednesday against the New York Giants.

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