Jason Hatcher makes up for his mistake

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – It took just a few snaps for defensive end Jason Hatcher to redeem himself.

Hatcher’s penalty for roughing the passer on the second play of the fourth quarter could have been a turning point in a Cowboys collapse that would have conjured up all kinds of demons from last season. The flag kept a drive alive with the Giants trailing by a touchdown.

That drive died a few plays later with a sack by Hatcher, who dropped Eli Manning after working upfield and shedding guard Kevin Boothe’s block.

Hatcher didn’t really celebrate the sack. His reaction was more an indication of relief, as he briefly covered his face with both hands before raising them in the air as he looked toward the sky.

“I’m happy I did [get the sack] because I was down in the dumps,” said Hatcher, who also had five tackles and two quarterback pressures. “I don’t want to do nothing to hurt this team. I want to do everything in my power to help it succeed. It’s one of those things. I got a 15-yard penalty and then came back and got a sack. It evened out.”