Kevin Ogletree looks to build on Week 1

In the regular-season opener, Kevin Ogletree had career highs in catches (eight), yards (114) and touchdowns (two). His last catch was a 13-yarder on third-and-10 that clinched the game at the two-minute mark.

Now comes the hard part. Can the Cowboys' No. 3 receiver do it again in the Week 2 game at Seattle?

You can say Ogletree emerged last week because of coverage on Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. Bryant and Austin had eight catches combined. But throw in tight end Jason Witten's two catches for 10 yards in his first game since the preseason opener, and Ogletree's game was right on time.

"Good, bad, ugly, you put it to bed," said Ogletree who played 33 offensive snaps. "Let's focus forward, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here (Monday). That's what our focus has been since we got together, since (the) coaches established this tempo, and that’s how we do things around here."

Ogletree isn't worried about trying to duplicate his efforts. Defenses will shift coverage to him this week, and it could open the door for another receiver to come through. If that happens, it's playcaller/head coach Jason Garrett's job to make sure his playmakers touch the ball.

There were times during the win over the Giants when Bryant and Austin disappeared. You can contribute that to the receivers themselves, Garrett not putting them in the right spots or the defense taking them out.

Ogletree's best performance as a professional and he could ease the front office and the coaching staff's fears they don't have No. 3 receiver.

If anything, Ogletree, for one game at least, showed he can be that No. 3 receiver.

"Week two is building but also putting behind what happened," he said. "We got a really important deal. (Monday) was very, very useful. Kick your legs out, get a lift and prepare for this game."