Tony Romo can't outrun bobbled snap

IRVING, Texas -- The picture is forever etched into the memory of Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere.

Tony Romo clutching his face mask, sitting on the ground, his head dejectedly down. Al Johnson leaning over -- one Wisconsin kid asking another if he was OK.

"I only ever think about that play when I see the picture," Johnson said this week from his Brussels, Wis., home. "But here's the deal. I feel bad for all the crap Tony takes about that. It was one play. That is not going to be the defining moment in an already great career. And I do feel bad. He's taken a lot of crap for that one play. That is not always just."

On Sunday, Romo returns to Seattle for the first time since the wild-card loss to the Seahawks in the 2006 season when the snap on a field goal attempt slipped through his hands with 1:19 left in the fourth quarter.

Despite all Romo has done in his career -- three Pro Bowl appearances, franchise records for touchdown passes and passing yards in a season, a 48-30 record, two NFC East titles, a victory in the 2009 playoffs -- the bobbled snap, to many, remains the defining play of his career.

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