Jerry Jones: 'They were better than we were'

SEATTLE -- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was to-the-point after Dallas' 27-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

"They were better than we were today in every aspect of it," Jones said. "You can call it whatever you want to call it. But they were better than we were today, all the way. They took their special teams opportunities and, fundamentally, on both sides of the ball. They played a really fine football game. It doesn’t surprise us. They got personnel to do it, and they did it. And we just got to regroup."

The Cowboys' players didn't offer excuses, instead talking about how they didn't execute.

Jones said he talked to NFL people who said that Seattle could be one of the surprise teams in the league this season. Still, he didn't expect this sort of effort by his team after their Week 1 victory over the New York Giants.

"I'm not surprised by how they played and how we played," Jones said. "But we lost this ballgame, (and) that doesn’t make it any easier. We thought we had an opportunity to win two on the road. It would be a great way to start, but they had other ideas and they imposed their will on us today. We've got to look at that and learn from that."

The Cowboys encountered all sorts of problems Sunday.

Felix Jones fumbled the opening kickoff. There was a blocked punt returned for a touchdown. Dez Bryant muffed a punt and dropped two passes. Jason Witten dropped three passes. The defense didn't seem to do a lot of blitzing on rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.

And, to make matters worse, the Cowboys weren't able to be more physical than their opponents.

It all added up to a loss.

"We've got to be good enough and come in situations like this and win to get to where we're going, and we weren’t today," Jones said. "We've got to be good enough to play a team like this at (their) home and gain on it -- to create a win that we can build on. And so that’s where we are. We didn’t get it done today, and I know everybody in this room is disappointed. You got to be good enough to win a game like this and we weren’t today. They had everything to say about that."