Jason Witten: We got our tail kicked

IRVING, Texas -- Tight end Jason Witten doesn’t want to hear a word or any debate about whether the Cowboys were emotionally and mentally prepared to play Sunday.

Witten doesn’t believe emotion or preparation were problems during the 27-7 spanking the Seahawks gave the Cowboys.

“I think it should be clear to you guys that it’s not about, ‘Were they up? Were they not?’” Witten said Monday. “We got our ass beat. That’s where our focus is, how we bounce back from that. You got to execute. You got to play winning football.”

The Cowboys screwed up in every facet of the game while being blown out by the Seahawks. Witten was part of the problem, dropping three passes and failing to make a play on a deep ball when he had one-on-one coverage.

Witten made no excuses for his poor performance and doesn’t want to hear any from anybody else, either.

“Our focus is we’ve got to play better football,” Witten said. “The bottom line is we didn’t play good enough. We didn’t execute good enough, regardless of the reason. We got to execute plays better and drives and games.

“Guys are playing hard and doing all that stuff. We know what we’re doing. We just didn’t execute it well enough, ultimately. It’s not about ‘Were you too high or were you too low?’ We got our tail kicked. That’s what this game is about.”