Jerry Jones: NFL should outlaw kneel-downs

As far as Jerry Jones is concerned, the controversy regarding the end of Sunday’s Giants-Buccaneers game never should have unfolded.

That’s because Jones thinks the NFL should outlaw the kneel-down to kill the clock at the end of games.

“I’ve always thought that that’s a wasted play for our fans, the kneel-down,” Jones said Tuesday on KRLD-FM. “[Former Kansas City Chiefs owner] Lamar Hunt tried several times to introduce a rule and have it voted on that you couldn’t kneel down. You had to run a play. Unless you were trying to advance the ball, then you got a penalty and time didn’t run off the clock. It’s not a good play.”

Giants coach Tom Coughlin angrily confronted Bucs coach Greg Schiano after Tampa Bay defenders knocked Eli Manning and New York offensive linemen to the ground on a game-ending kneel-down.

Coughlin complained that it was a violation of unwritten NFL etiquette. Schiano was unapologetic, saying “there’s nothing dirty about it and nothing illegal about it,” adding that the Bucs were trying to knock the ball loose.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, whose team faces the Bucs this week and is NFC East rivals with the Giants, stayed neutral on the subject.

“That was between Tampa Bay and the Giants,” Garrett said. “Certainly there is a style of football they are trying to implement down in Tampa and they feel like that, in some ways, is indicative of how they want to play, how they’re going to handle end-of-game situations. So, we’re going to focus on our team and things we need to get better at preparing for that ballgame.”