Discuss: What exactly is 'Cowboys football'?

IRVING, Texas -- Disgust and disappointment dripped from 10-year veteran Jason Witten after his team got its tail kicked Sunday afternoon.

"That's not Cowboys football," Witten said.

Are the true Dallas Cowboys the bunch of talented tough guys who opened the NFL season by beating the defending Super Bowl champions on the New York Giants' turf? Or was Sunday's sloppy, soft performance while being punked by the Seattle Seahawks a return to reality for a franchise heavy on hype and light on playoff success since the '90 dynasty died?

Really, the up-and-down ride so far this season is the epitome of modern-day Cowboys football.

The Cowboys are wildly inconsistent from week to week but painfully predictable from year to year. They're glitzy enough to keep being hyped, yet just good enough to get their fans' hopes up and break their hearts.

This is a team that can impose its will against the world champions one game and get beat up by a team with four consecutive losing seasons, a rookie quarterback and a patchwork offensive line the next week.

This is a team that can pull off an amazing comeback on the road and have a historic choke job at home a couple of weeks later.

In the end, America's Team is about as average as can be: 121-121 in the last 15-plus regular seasons -- and an awful 1-6 in the playoffs during that span.

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