Sean Lee: That looked like last year's defense

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas defense’s performance in Seattle looked way too familiar to inside linebacker Sean Lee.

“It was the type of defense we played last year, where we would have one half where we would play really well and the second half would be ...” Lee said, leaving the rest of the sentence for others to fill in.

Last season, the secondary tended to fall apart at the most inopportune times, which played a major role in the Cowboys’ blowing five fourth-quarter leads.

That wasn’t the case Sunday. The Seahawks simply bullied the Cowboys despite playing with two backup offensive linemen, with Marshawn Lynch rushing for 100 yards on 16 carries in the second half.

Lee, who tied Lee Roy Jordan’s franchise record with 21 tackles, didn’t see intensity or effort as the issue.

“I would say more of a lack of focus on doing your job every single time,” Lee said. “When I turned the film on I didn’t see lack of effort. It was, we’ve got to focus on doing our job every single time. They hit a play, OK, let’s go, let’s get back out there and focus on our job and do it the same way every single time.”

The Dallas defense has played well in three halves so far this season. But the leader of the defense can't accept what he saw in the second half against the Seahawks.