Big Decision: Rob Ryan must bring heat

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t blitz New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning that much in the opener, and he doesn’t move that well. And they didn’t blitz Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson often because they feared he would make plays outside the pocket.

So this is probably a good week for Jason Garrett to saunter down to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s office and tell him this is the week to bring the pressure.

Fact: quarterbacks under duress make mistakes. Fact: The Cowboys have forced one turnover this season.

Part of the struggles the Cowboys’ offense are having can be blamed on the team's defense and special teams failing to provide quality field position.

Garrett needs to strongly suggest Ryan use more than eight blitzes -- the number he’s called each of the first two weeks -- to put pressure on Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman. He threw 22 interceptions last season and has a pair in the first two games of this season.

Freeman, who has been sacked twice in each of the first two games, will give the Cowboys an opportunity to get turnovers if he’s consistently under pressure.

This is not the week to let another quarterback sit in the pocket and calmly decide where to go with the ball. This is the week for Ryan to force the issue.

Garrett should prod him to do so.