Cowboys are tied for first in NFC East

ARLINGTON, Texas -- After three weeks, the Cowboys are tied for first place in the NFC East.

Dallas, the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles are tied at 2-1. The Cowboys beat New York in Week 1.

"We all know that there's a lot to work on here, but the good news is we won one with doing a lot of things that can cause you to lose them," Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said. "I think (Tony) Romo told me, 'That's a Pittsburgh game right there.' When you're not looking pretty, you figure out a way to get a win. They stayed in there and competed. I was really pleased to see Dez (Bryant) compete the way he did at the end of the ballgame in the second half. That helped us out a lot."

The Cowboys defeated Tampa Bay 16-10 Sunday despite Romo getting knocked down four times, including one time where he lay on the field with his eyes closed. The run game finished with just 38 yards, Jason Witten had three drops, and there were 13 penalties for 105 yards.

"This was right up there with one of the most physically tough games I've been a part of, and I think that the other guys will tell you the same thing," Romo said. "They played hard. It's a hard-fought group, and they obviously have a great attitude and approach to what they do. They executed pretty well today."