Jason Garrett needs to fix offense

ARLINGTON, Texas -- No one wants to hear about the process of building a winner right now. No one wants to hear about the Dallas Cowboys stacking good practice after good practice.

All anyone wants to know right now is how long it's going to take Jason Garrett to fix his raggedy offense.

Thankfully, football is a team game.

The Cowboys' defense turned in its most dominant performance in the 19-game Rob Ryan era, which is why the Cowboys finally subdued the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16-10 in a game as ugly as Medusa.

You can take solace -- if you're one of those folks who listens to Tony Robbins CDs -- in the fact every NFC team has flaws. San Francisco, the latest Super Bowl favorite, received a butt-kicking from Minnesota on Sunday.

Three weeks into the season, and Atlanta and Arizona are the conference's only undefeated teams. Of course, no one who lives outside the Valley of the Sun believes in the Cardinals.

Hey, as bad as the offense played Sunday, the Cowboys will spend this week in first place in the NFC East.

The Cowboys' goal remains the same: Stack as many wins as possible while playing six of their first nine games on the road. Do that, and they'll be positioned to make a late-season playoff run.

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