Dez Bryant's emotional outburst is no big deal

ARLINGTON, Texas – Dez Bryant's sideline outburst Sunday, caught by the Fox cameras, really isn’t a big deal.

There’s no question Bryant was frustrated late in the first half, after a Cowboys drive died when scrambling Tony Romo fired an incompletion to Kevin Ogletree instead of giving No. 88 a chance to make a play in the end zone.

Bryant, who had only one catch at that point of the game, demonstratively unbuckled his chin strap and made a beeline for Romo on the sideline. They had a brief, intense conversation that was broken up by receivers coach Jimmy Robinson, who got barked at a bit before Bryant calmed down.

“I really don’t want to say too much about me being upset,” Bryant said after the game, which he finished with six catches for 62 yards and a clutch 44-yard punt return. “It was just me being emotional and passionate like I always am. That’s just me. That’s just how I play the game. If I didn’t be that way, I wouldn’t be myself.

“I was just letting them know, ‘Hey, I can beat this guy.’ Basically, that’s just what that was.”

That’s all it was.

The temptation is to compare Bryant’s antics to those of another receiver whose relationship with Romo soured. But Bryant doesn’t have Terrell Owens-like tendencies to tear apart a team.

T.O. acted as if the quarterback worked for him. Bryant takes a completely different approach, considering it his job to earn Romo’s trust.

There won’t be any friction in the Romo-Bryant relationship. There might be heated moments on the sideline when things aren’t clicking, but that happens with competitors. It’s nothing that threatens the Cowboys’ chemistry.

Yeah, Bryant wants the ball. What talented receiver doesn’t? The difference between Bryant and that disruptive diva receiver who used to play in Dallas is Bryant he has immense respect for Romo.

Well, that and T.O. was a heck of a lot more productive. Bryant desperately wants to close that gap, so much so that his emotions will boil over occasionally when things aren’t going well.