Sean Lee has look of a legend

Cowboys legend Lee Roy Jordan on Sean Lee: "I see a lot of me in him." Getty Images/AP Photo

IRVING, Texas -- Every week, Sean Lee's helmet takes a beating. Scrapes, gouges and paint smears cover the front of it after each game.

If you look at pictures of Lee Roy Jordan, you see the same types of scrapes, gouges and -- on the color photos, anyway -- paint smears on his helmet when he played middle linebacker for the Cowboys. His uniform was covered in mud and grass stains. His fingers and hands were -- and are -- beat up.

The somewhat hermetically sealed game of today played on artificial turf has changed some of the look, but not the feel that links Lee to Jordan, the Cowboys' Ring of Honor linebacker.

As Jordan watches Lee, he likes what he sees but isn't so sure about the similarities.

"Well, I'd like to say I do, but he's bigger, stronger and faster than me," Jordan laughed. "But otherwise, I see a lot of me in him."

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