Cowboys worried about playing, not referees

IRVING, Texas – The officiating has been and will be an issue every week the replacement referees is being used in the NFL, but perhaps even more so this week after the fiasco up in Seattle on Monday.

The Cowboys are on pace for a team-record in penalties with 31 in their first three games, and there have been some the club has felt dubious. So far, however, you have not seen Jason Garrett go all Bill Belichick on an official or any of the players fire off on a replacement more than normal.

Garrett was asked five questions during Wednesday's press conference about the officiating and the final play in Seattle, and he mostly reiterated what he said Monday.

“What we try to do is focus on playing and coaching,” Garrett said Monday afternoon. “I’m going to be honest with you, there have been times where there have been calls during the game where you naturally react to it – everybody does. At the same time it’s like, ‘Guys, get back. Just focus on doing your job. They’re going to be fine. They’ll spot it the right way. They’ll call it the right way. They’ll get it figured out.’ We’ve really tried to do that. I’ve harped on that during the week and prior to the game and during the game as well. I think our team has done a good job of that.”

In a normal year Garrett would have detailed scouting reports on the officiating crews every Wednesday on what they like to call and what they don’t call as much. He’s not doing it this year because the crews are new.

“I get that information and if anything sticks out I’ll share it, but we don’t do it in as formal a fashion because maybe the information is not as good or a consistent,” Garrett said. “The other stuff was really good, a whole history. Now there’s not the depth of history. If something stands out I try to convey it to the team.”