Cowboys players respond to possible referee deal

IRVING, Texas -- There's a possibility that the NFL and locked-out officials will reach a deal soon and the replacement officials will go away.

That comes as good news to veteran safety Gerald Sensabaugh.

"That's great, I guess we get our normal refs back," Sensabaugh said. "You can't put 87 guys in a Lamborghini, it's not going to run right. The fact that they got their stuff done, that's great. Now we can look forward to our game and get ready to keep playing. It's crazy that our game had to come to this, but I'm glad it's done and I'm ready to move forward."

There were several blown calls in the first three weeks of the season, including the Monday night game between Seattle and Green Bay where two on-field officials made different calls regarding a last-second pass into the end zone.

Rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne didn't watch the game but saw the highlights and didn't want to comment on it. However, he's heard good things about the locked-out officials.

"Like I said, this is my first year in the league so I don't know how the other referees were last year," Claiborne said. "It's all new to me and everything. I don't know how those guys ref, but as I can hear I hear it's better than this."

With the replacement referees in place, maybe even for this weekend's games, it has raised questions about whether or not the integrity of the game has been damaged.

"Not necessarly," Sensabaugh said. "I think we still have a strong brand, a strong shield. We just had to go through some mishaps similar to the lockout. Guys weren't playing as good early on, we couldn't play, we couldn't even practice. A similar situation; it's something we have to go through, it's part of the business side of our game and now that it's all squared away we can get back to playing."