DeMarco Murray: Cowboys have to run better

IRVING, Texas -- In Week 1, Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray rushed 20 times for 131 yards in a victory. The next two weeks have been difficult for Murray and the run game overall.

Murray is averaging just 2.7 yards per carry, that's 82 yards on 30 carries, in the last two weeks.

"We just got to run better," he said. "We have to execute better in all phases of the game. As far as running the ball, we just got to get bodies on bodies and finish a few runs, make a few guys miss and get things corrected."

Murray has been hit in the backfield more as he starts his runs. It's a combination of things -- from missed blocks with the offensive line, tight end and fullback to Murray making a mistake when he starts a carry.

The Cowboys can't progress as an offense if Murray continues to struggle.

Monday night, the Chicago Bears visit Cowboys Stadium. The Bears have the sixth best run defense in the league and have allowed just one rushing touchdown this season.

Murray scored his first rushing touchdown of the year in the Week 3 victory over Tampa Bay. It was the Cowboys first rushing touchdown from a running back since Nov. 13, 2011, against Buffalo. That was also Murray's last rushing touchdown.

"We got the win (and) you look at it during the game, it's a little frustrating when you're one-dimensional," Murray said of the Tampa game. "You definitely want to run the ball and definitely grind it out as much as you can. But that was a good defense we were playing so you got to give them credit; fast guys, strong guys. We'll make the adjustments and hopefully we'll have a better running game this week."

With a successful running attack comes challenges, such as defenses loading the box with seven or eight defenders. The Cowboys were attempting stretch plays, runs off the tackle in hopes Murray can get off the edge and gain yards with his speed. When those plays don't work, Murray gets hit in the backfield.

Murray was asked if he could remember the last time he's been hit this much behind the line of scrimmage.

"I haven't, but we'll get those things adjusted," he said. "There's some times I should have stretched and I cut up too early. It works hand-in-hand -- me and the offensive line. We'll get on the same page this week and we'll get things back rolling."