Danny McCray's job much more difficult

IRVING, Texas – Safety Gerald Sensabaugh insists that he’ll play Monday night after missing last week’s game with a strained calf.

Danny McCray sure hopes so.

McCray will have his hands full regardless as he replaces injured Barry Church to make the first start of his career. But McCray’s job will be much more complicated if Sensabaugh can’t play and make all the secondary calls.

“It gets tougher and it’s more responsibility,” McCray said. “At the same time, Rob [Ryan] teaches us to do that. Learn every position on the defense and every scheme. Once you do that, the defense will be easier. Now, I’m learning why he says that. Things happen during the year and you’ve just got to be ready to step up.”

Sensabaugh’s status could also affect McCray’s role. If Sensabaugh plays, McCray could come off the field in certain substitution packages when the Cowboys use a corner at free safety.

McCray, the Cowboys’ special teams captain, would have to play every defensive down if Sensabaugh isn’t available. McCray admits he would have to depend on inside linebacker Sean Lee to help with secondary calls without Sensabaugh.

“Having a veteran out there is big, because he’s been through everything that I’m going to see while I’m out there,” McCray said. “Having him out there for support is big. If he isn’t, we’ll just have to see how it works.”