Cowboys won't have a history with regular refs

IRVING, Texas -- Under normal conditions, NFL teams could view the type of penalties officiating crews administer in the previous weeks.

That's not going to happen as the NFL enters its fourth week.

The regular referees were locked out by the NFL for the first three weeks of the regular season and with this week's agreement, the replacements are gone.

And while there is no review of what the referees did -- good or bad -- from this season, there is always some history hanging around. Walt Anderson's crew is doing Monday night's Cowboys-Bears game from Cowboys Stadium.

So coach Jason Garrett and the rest of the coaches do have a point of reference. Anderson's crew called the Cowboys' 2011 regular-season finale at the New York Giants. That was also the last game called by this crew because they didn't have any assignments in the playoffs.

Garrett said he hasn't totally given his team any updates on how Anderson's crew did last year.

"Not necessarily the whole team because we don't have any information from this year," Garrett said. "We have some history in the past and that's something that we'll continue to do as the year goes on, that will be part of our preparation process during the week. We don’t have that much history from this year though, so we've got to choose this information wisely and share the stuff we think is pertinent."