Hoge: Eagles (we guess) division's best

Caught this video clip from this morning's "SportsCenter" in which Merril Hoge can't stop laughing and shaking his head when admitting that, sure, so far the 3-1 Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the NFC East:

"There can't be a more uncertain team in all of football than the Philadelphia Eagles. But based on their record, and beating the Giants, without a question -- well, with a little bit of a question -- they are the best team in this division."

Talk about your rock-solid endorsements!

Seriously, though, that's where things stand through four games. The Dallas Cowboys can tie for first place with a win tonight against the Bears, but it's not as though they've looked like world-beaters either since their impressive Week 1 victory over those same Giants. All of the NFC East's teams are clearly flawed and fighting through early-season issues. The thing on which the Eagles can fall back so far is that they've been able to win three of four games without playing their best. And the theory is that that comes back to help you out once you do.