CBA limits bye week work for Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys will have their only practice of the bye week today at Valley Ranch, thanks to the new rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

Coach Jason Garrett said the session will be more of a “Cowboy versus Cowboy” practice, like training camp. A lot of times bye week practices feature more work for younger players and backups, but the Cowboys will get their regulars a lot of work, too.

Two days after the Chicago loss, the players will be in helmets and shells and not pads before getting the next four days off.

“I just think we have to go back and analyze why we've been successful at different times this year and why we haven't been successful and continue to make that emphasis to our football team and continue to instill that in them and get them to the point where you can take it from the practice field to the game field on a consistent basis,” Garrett said. “If you look at each of our games, it's fairly obvious when you do things that contribute to winning, you're going to win games and when you do things that contribute to losing. It’s hard to win in this league.

"I think you can look at our games and look around the league and see the scores from good football teams losing games, and maybe some teams you didn't think were quite as good winning games and the winning reasons are fairly apparent as you look around the league. Turnovers have a lot to do with that some self-inflicted wounds have a lot to do with that. When we played well this year, we've done things necessary to win the games and when we haven’t the results speak for themselves. So we’ve got to make sure we continue to emphasize that our team and take it from the practice fields, meeting rooms to the field on Sunday afternoon.”