Ryan Cook talks Tony Romo, Brett Favre

IRVING, Texas -- There is no other quarterback Tony Romo has been compared to more than Brett Favre since becoming the Cowboys’ starter.

Ryan Cook was a teammate of Favre’s in Minnesota for two seasons and has been the Cowboys center for all but three snaps so far.

“Just because they’re both considered ‘gunslingers,’ I guess is the loose term on that, they do compare in some aspects,” Cook said. “But it’s a risk/reward business and they go out there and take risks and sometimes you benefit from it and sometimes they bite you.”

Like Favre, Cook did not see Romo go into a shell as the interceptions piled up Monday against Chicago.

“You can’t back down from it,” Cook said. “You make a mistake and you’ve got to move forward. Tony was out there trying to do the best job he could to score points. We were behind so you’ve got to score points. You can’t pull off at point and coast.”

Cook did not practice Wednesday because of a sore hamstring but said he would be fine for practice when the team returns to work Monday. He doesn’t expect to see a far different Romo.

“He’s the ultimate competitor,” Cook said. “He’ll get back on the horse. I don’t think anybody is worried.”