Change the playcaller? Jerry Jones says no

The Dallas Cowboys' offense is struggling.

Over the last three weeks, the Cowboys have scored 17 second-half points and committed seven turnovers, all by quarterback Tony Romo.

The running game is bad.

After DeMarco Murray was part of a unit that rushed for 143 yards in Week 1, the run game has produced just 128 rushing yards the last three weeks.

You could say the offense is the reason for a 2-2 record heading into the bye week. Something else might be the problem: Playcaller Jason Garrett.

On his twice-a-week radio show, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones was asked about switching who calls the plays. Bill Callahan is the offensive line coach/offensive coordinator, but Garrett still calls the offensive plays.

"No, there haven't and that's always been the issue (with fans)," Jones said Friday about talks of a switch. "I believe in a coordinator, a head coach being one of the coordinators. That's debatable. I've had people say the head coach needs to be what I call a walk-around head coach, and that is he just looks at everything."

It's the first time since Garrett was hired as offensive coordinator in 2007 that somebody else holds that title.

Jones said he likes his head coach to assume one of the coordinator duties. Wade Phillips had defensive coordinator duties included in his head coaching job. Bill Parcells, the man who coached before Phillips, was the "walk-around head coach" Jones is talking about.

"You're going to get in down times, in lost times, you're going to get people say '(The head coach) does too much'," Jones said. " 'They just got too much on their plate. You have to look at that.' Jason has huge capacity to cover a lot of ground. If anybody can do it or look to the future, he can."

It doesn't appear, at least on the surface, Garrett is having issues handling the play calling and the head coaching duties. The Cowboys did miss the playoffs by one game last year, and of course at 2-2, the season isn't over and there is still time to respond with a strong push toward the playoffs starting next week in a Week 6 game at Baltimore.