Jones unimpressed with 'Boys O-line too

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks a lot on the radio, and of course everything he says on them is parsed for news value. But sometimes I think it's just as though it's a regular fan calling in to vent, only that fan happens to own the team. Jones' latest stunning revelation is apparently that the offensive line needs to do a better job of blocking:

Jones was direct in saying he wants the line to improve and noted he's adding pressure to the interior of the line, Ryan Cook, Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau, to produce. Jones mentioned backup guard Derrick Dockery and his size, 6-6, 325 pounds, as someone who can also help.

Jones wasn't calling for Dockery to enter the starting lineup, and he won't when the Cowboys take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, but it was clear the owner wants production.

"Our offensive, I'd like to see us more consistent in there," Jones said on KRLD. "We're going to need to be pretty physical, and we can be physical and one thing we got is more size in there and Dockery, we got a player you haven't seen play much. But he's got some big size in there too."

Whatever. If Dockery hasn't been able to beat out Bernadeau for playing time to this point, I don't see what he's doing taking up a roster spot. What Bernadeau has given them this year at right guard has been slightly better than what they might be able to expect if they replaced him with one of those giant inflatable jack-o-lantern balloons you see on everybody's front lawn this time of year. And I also don't understand what kind of pictures Doug Free must have of everybody that he keeps getting exempted from blame. He's been a papier-mache turnstile.

Fact is, if personnel is the problem on the Cowboys' line, then either the players will improve as the year goes along under Bill Callahan or they'll be replaced next year. My guess is that some will improve and some will be replaced, and you know I believe the Cowboys' roster to be a work in progress. I just don't understand how Jones going on the radio and saying the line needs to play better is any different from whoever was on right before him or right after him saying it. What's next week's topic? "It'd be nice if it didn't get so hot in Texas in the summertime?"