Dan Bailey hasn't punted yet

IRVING, Texas – Dan Bailey has yet to punt in practice this week, which could be a sign the Cowboys have hopes that one of their injured punters will be able to play Sunday at Baltimore.

Chris Jones appears closer to playing despite a knee injury. Brian Moorman (groin) ruled himself out of the Ravens’ game.

“I’ll do what I need to do if I have to,” Bailey said, “but they’re going to make the right decision as far as personnel goes, and really it has nothing to do with me.”

Bailey punted twice last year at Philadelphia, subbing for an injured Mat McBriar and averaged 39.5 yards on two second-half kicks. He said the coaches have broached the subject about him punting Sunday, but the team will also look at three veteran punters – Daniel Sepulveda, Chas Henry, T.J. Conley - in case Jones is not ready.

“It’s just like an emergency type deal,” Bailey said. “Obviously you don’t want your kicker punting or your punter kicking. So it’s totally out of my control. Whatever decision they’ll make will be the right one.”

The punter issue also creates a holder issue for Bailey. Coach Jason Garrett said Tony Romo would be the best in-house option. Romo held for Bailey in four games last year. Bailey made all 10 field goal attempts with Romo as the holder.

“It’s always good to have a little past history there working together,” Bailey said. “It’s probably not his favorite thing to do, but things happen. So I think it’ll be all right and I think we’ll be good to go this weekend.”

Said Romo, “I took a few snaps this week, so if that’s needed, then I’ll be ready.”