Cowboys ready for Ravens' no-huddle

IRVING, Texas – While Baltimore’s offense won't be confused with those from the high-flying AFL days, the Raven’s no-huddle look has helped the offense put up 26 points per game this season.

In their three home games, Baltimore has averaged 32 points per game.

Sean Lee and Gerald Sensabaugh can call the game, so it’s a big problem for other people, but not us,” defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said. “We’ve got two smart guys that can call the game. We’ll be fine in there.”

Ryan said the Cowboys worked almost exclusively against the no-huddle in practice during the week to get ready for Sunday’s game. He does not believe substituting will be an issue, provided the officials make sure they give the Cowboys time to make changes if the Ravens alter their personnel.

“You have to address it, like nowadays people run the Wildcat and all this stuff,” Ryan said. “You have to address it or you’re not preparing your team. We over-prepared for it, so we’ll be ready to go.”

Ryan told his team be prepared for the Ravens to take big shots.

“They’re like a prize fighter,” Ryan said. “They’ll hit you with a right and here comes the left, so it’s coming right at you fast.”