Rob Ryan doesn't see Dallas O struggling

IRVING, Texas – In light of the vice presidential debate this week, we’ll paraphrase from one of the most famous lines uttered by former Texas senator Lloyd Bentsen:

Rob Ryan has seen struggling offenses, and this Cowboys offense, sir, is not struggling.

Even though the Cowboys have averaged 16 points per game and the Tony Romo-led offense has scored only two touchdowns in the last two games, Ryan does not believe his defense needs to be otherworldly to carry the Cowboys.

“I mean, I’ve been through some struggles in my coaching career, especially as a coordinator in this league, and the offense isn’t struggling,” Ryan said. “You go out and coach for Oakland every day or Cleveland and you can’t get a first down, that’s struggling. We’re right on point. We’re moving the football at will up and down on people.

“We’ve had a couple of turnovers, that’s it. We don’t have to do anything (special on defense). I’ve been in different rooms where it’s all on the defense or you’re in trouble and even if you’re great you’re still in big trouble. It’s not a deal for us at all. Not here in Dallas, for sure.”