Time not on Jason Garrett's side

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett preaches the importance of situational football, knowing that the outcomes of close NFL games come down to the final few moments.

If you had not seen in his past two training camps how Garrett has picked out some of the most famous end-of-game situations in NFL history and had his team play under the same scenarios, you would think the Dallas Cowboys had not practiced much -- or any -- situational football.

Sunday's loss at Baltimore was the third time in the Cowboys' past 10 games over the past two seasons that clock mismanagement played a major part in a loss.

The Cowboys let 16 seconds burn off the clock following Dez Bryant's 1-yard catch to the Baltimore 33 to attempt a 51-yard field goal try by Dan Bailey. As good as Bailey has been, he was a 50 percent kicker (2-of-4) from 50 yards or more. Sunday's kick missed to the left by a couple of feet.

"When I look at it, I say we left too much meat on the bone there," Garrett said Monday. "We needed to get more than one yard when we had one timeout and 26 seconds. It starts with the play call that I had and then it really goes from there."

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