There is no learning curve for Jason Garrett

On Tuesday morning, ESPNDallas columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should give a contract extension to coach Jason Garrett.

Really, he said that.

Taylor noted this in his column:

Understand this: The day Jerry hired Garrett he knew there would be tough times and Garrett would need a learning curve. Don't forget, Garrett had never ever been a head coach at any level.

Well, Jones was asked about a learning curve regarding his head coach on his twice-weekly radio show on Tuesday morning.

"We shouldn’t be learning on our dime," Jones said on KRLD-FM. "We should have it down, frankly. We've got too much at stake to be having any teaching sessions here, and that’s not the way Jason looks at it and that’s not the way I look at it."

Jones is right.

When he hired Garrett away from the Miami Dolphins in 2007, it was to call plays and eventually become the head coach -- despite the fact former coach Tony Sparano was also on the staff and there was no head coach in place.

Once Jones hired Wade Phillips, both Sparano and Garrett called the plays. Sparano left in 2008 to become the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. From that time on, it's been Garrett's show.

The Cowboys have had success with Garrett as the coordinator, though fans believe he didn't run the ball enough in his early days as a coordinator (remember the carry-less game for Felix Jones a few years back?). But as a head coach, Garrett has endured two game mismanagement issues and hasn't reach the postseason.

His team continues to make boneheaded mistakes. The Cowboys made mistakes under Bill Parcells and Phillips, too, yet quarterback Tony Romo developed into a top player at his position.

But the business of the NFL is about wins and losses, and it's fair to say that when Garrett signed his contract to become the full-time head coach that he understood expectations would be high.

"I think he's very qualified to make the kinds of decisions to win ballgames," Jones said on KRLD-FM, "and we don't have a luxury here to create a learning curve."

If that's the case, and we believe it is, if Garrett fails to get his team into the postseason, then 2013 will be a hot-seat season for Garrett, learning curve or not.