Cowboys to wear blue jerseys Sunday

IRVING, Texas -- Sometimes you never know what gets folks excited on Twitter. On Wednesday, it appeared to be the fact that the Dallas Cowboys will wear their blue jerseys Sunday in Carolina.

It will be the one and only time the Cowboys will be in blue this season and only the second time in the last three years. They wore the blues at New England last year and lost 20-16. They did not wear the blue jersey in 2010.

While some people pointed out the blue jersey curse, others wanted to know why the Cowboys don’t wear the blue jersey more.

At home, the Cowboys wear white as a nod to their tradition set by Tom Landry. Jerry Jones does not want to change that, nor should he.

On the road, the Cowboys are at the whim of the opponents. Since most teams wear their dark jerseys at home, the Cowboys wear their white jerseys.

The jersey selections have to be set by July so the equipment teams know the particulars well in advance.