Bill Callahan: No problem with Jason Garrett calling plays

IRVING, Texas -- Following the Cowboys' loss to the Baltimore Ravens there were discussions about coach Jason Garrett's inability to handle late game responsibilities.

We all know what happened at the end where Garrett called a play with 22 seconds left in the game to Dez Bryant that resulted in one-yard pass completion. Receivers Miles Austin and Kevin Ogletree were way downfield on the play and the Cowboys didn't call a timeout until six seconds remained.

Garrett said he made a mistake and should have called a timeout sooner to allow his team to run one more play. Instead, it set up a 51-yard field goal try that was missed by Dan Bailey, preserving the Ravens' victory.

Should Garrett give up the play-calling duties and allow someone else, like offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan, to take over the play calling?

"I think coach does a great job calling plays," Callahan said. "When I first took the job, I came here to help him in any capacity. That's what my function is and that's what my role is on our staff. Anyway I can help coach in preparation, if he wants a suggestion, I certainly can give it to him. We got great communication on the sideline and in between series, he's the playcaller here and does a great job with it and he has a great feel for what Tony (Romo) likes and what we want to do as an offense. I got nothing but immense respect for coach and his ability to call plays."

Callahan understands the discussions surrounding Garrett because he was a head coach in Oakland and with Nebraska. Callahan said he agrees with the decisions Garrett made at the end of the Ravens game.

"In the heat of the moment there are a lot of things that are transpiring," Callahan said. "He had great command of that scenario and that situation. He will ask for a suggestion. He has already talked through the scenarios in his own mind. I support him greatly. He made the best decision he could at the time. We are not perfect. Those situations come up. If we knew the answers to the situations, it would be simple. But that’s what makes the game fascinating."