Joe Gibbs gives Cowboys advice

CHARLOTTE -- Former Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs spoke to Cowboys players at the team hotel Saturday night.

Gibbs, who lives in the Charlotte area, was invited by team officials and told a story of how he messed up a game management situation.

Gibbs called consecutive timeouts during a field goal attempt by an opposing team, resulting in a 15-yard penalty against his team.

"If Joe Gibbs can screw it up at the last second, anybody can screw it up," Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said prior to Sunday's game with the Carolina Panthers.

Of course, this reminds us of Cowboys coach Jason Garrett's screw up at the end of last week's game at Baltimore where he waited too long to call a timeout.

It seems strange for a former Redskins' coach or player to talk with the Cowboys about anything, but Jones called Gibbs after Barry Switzer was released as head coach for advice.

"I have run out of teammates and I need to make a coaching change," Jones said he told Gibbs. "And so he had been out for two years and he said in two years I was only the second person in the NFL that asked my advice on a football team, think about that."

So what did Gibbs tell Jones?

"Joe advised at that time, 'I always believed a head coach should be one of the coordinators and preferably the offense. That way when you have some success the coach can really contributed to it.' That's where I got a little bit of that."