Dez Bryant drops another ball in the end zone

CHARLOTTE – Dez Bryant had a legitimate complaint this time.

The cornerback really should have been flagged for pass interference committed before this critical drop. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that Bryant dropped a pass in the end zone at a critical point in the game for the second consecutive week.

“I’ve got to fight through and make that play,” said Bryant, who was held to two catches for 14 yards in the Cowboys' win over the Panthers.

Cornerback Josh Thomas, the Cowboys’ fifth-round pick last year whom Carolina claimed on waivers, got away with grabbing Bryant while the ball was in the air on a fade route in the end zone during the fourth quarter. But Bryant broke free and still got both hands on the ball, failing to hold on for what should have been a 15-yard touchdown.

Bryant made it clear – while speaking to officials in the aftermath of the play and while speaking to reporters after the game – that he felt strongly that pass interference should have been called. Nevertheless, he knows he had a chance to make a big play and let it slip away.

Bryant also dropped a two-point conversion that would have tied the score in the final minute of last week’s loss to the Ravens. He complained about pass interference on that play, but he admitted after watching the film that the coverage was clean and he simply dropped the ball.