Cowboys salvage season -- for now

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The season, for now, has been salvaged -- and that's really all that matters.

If you choose to style-point the end of the Dallas Cowboys' two-game losing streak, then you need to start dealing in reality instead of the world of make-believe as it relates to this team's situation.

This is a mediocre team with some talented pieces that's trying its best to stay relevant through December.

Cowboys 19, Panthers 14.

That's all that matters. Everything else is completely irrelevant because the Cowboys are .500 and the playoffs remain a possibility.

At 2-4, the playoffs would be fool's gold. And we'd be discussing whether Jerry Jones needs to add a guard or a pass-rusher with the Cowboys' first-round pick, when we weren't talking about firing Jason Garrett, Rob Ryan or both.


Since 1990, only 14 of 152 NFL teams that started 2-4 have made the playoffs. In the Jerry Era, the Cowboys have started 2-4 four times. They didn't make the playoffs in any of those years.

Now do you understand the importance of leaving Carolina with a win by any means necessary? Garrett can talk about the process all he wants and living in an hour-by-hour and practice-by-practice bubble until he's blue in the face, but that only works when you're in contention.

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