Jerry Jones wants Tony Romo to be himself

IRVING, Texas – Last Sunday at Carolina Tony Romo did not have a pass intercepted for the first time in a game this season. It also coincided with his fewest passing yards (227) in a game.

Coach Jason Garrett said Romo played smart against the Panthers, taking what was there, which meant a lot of short throws to running backs and Jason Witten.

But owner and general manager Jerry Jones did not view Romo as being overly careful.

“I’d be careful about saying what you’re seeing last week is what you’re going to see this week with him relative to (being careful),” Jones said. “We don’t want to take the Romo out of Romo because it’s going to get us where we’re going to get. We’ve got to keep the Romo in Romo. He’s going to have to be the one that gets out there and decides whether or not he wants to make the play or not. That hasn’t been something that the staff has said, ‘We want you to do that.’

“From my perspective I’ve always told him, ‘Go out there and make those fabulous plays, keep the drives moving but don’t turn the ball over.’ And I laugh. Please understand I’m almost tongue and cheek when I say that. I know it’s talking out of both sides of your mouth.”