Dez Bryant on wiped-out TD catch: 'My heart just dropped'

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It was a miracle catch that was waved off.

Tony Romo threw 37-yard touchdown pass to Dez Bryant with 10 seconds remaining in the game and the Cowboys down 29-25. Bryant beat defenders Corey Webster and Michael Coe and went up for the ball in the back of the end zone.

As Bryant came down with the ball, his left hand landed out of bounds. It took a review of the play to reverse the original touchdown call.

"It was reported down to me right away, that is what happened, that the hand was out of bounds," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "It was just a matter of the official having the necessary time to make that call. But I must say it's been a long time since I've seen three plays in 10 seconds. That was an incredible thing that happened there. We thought it was over."

After Bryant caught the pass he fell back down as Cowboys Stadium went crazy. His teammates ran onto the field in a wild mob scene.

"When they took it away, my heart just dropped," Bryant said. "I had my mind set that if the ball was thrown to me -- I don't care -- I was going to come down with it. And I came down with it. And I thought I was in. It's just frustrating."

Bryant missed one play because he hurt his hip but he returned.

The Cowboys ran three more plays after the reversal, but the game ended when Romo's pass fell incomplete through the end zone.

"That's difficult when you think you’ve won the game," Romo said. "They obviously reversed the call. That’s tough because of a lot of emotion comes out. To get back into that position, you think you have it and it's taken away, it’s kind of like a roller coaster."