Cowboys should be sellers in trade market

IRVING, Texas – The NFL has moved the trade deadline to Thursday because of Hurricane Sandy, however, do not look for the Dallas Cowboys to make any moves.

The question, however, is should the Cowboys be buyers or sellers?

In 2008, owner and general manager Jerry Jones made a preposterously bad trade for wide receiver Roy Williams, giving Detroit three draft picks. We know how that turned out. But I am convinced at least some of that deal was made to help offset the news of a suspension of Pacman Jones the same day.

In order to be buyers, the Cowboys have to believe they have a chance to make a playoff run. At 3-4, they are in playoff contention as they close to the midway point of their season. Realistically, however, it seems to be unlikely that a team as wildly inconsistent as this one will figure it out over the final nine games and go on a 7-2 or 8-1 type of run.

Hey, it is the NFL and strange things happen, but hope cannot be a strategy.

So if the Cowboys want to be sellers who can bring some value.

Earlier today, Calvin mentioned they should field calls for running back Felix Jones. I’m unaware of the team having a shortage on footballs because that would seem to me be the only thing they could get in return for Jones. He has not produced this year and he is in the final year of his contract. Why would a team give anything for him?

The next obvious choice is Mike Jenkins. He is also in the last year of his contract and is playing in a backup role so far. Contending teams need cornerbacks and Jenkins might be able to bring some in return, but his contractual future makes a trade a little more difficult. A team would want to know they are not just renting Jenkins for a half season if they are to give up a viable draft pick (and by that I’m thinking fourth rounder).

The Cowboys were wise to not trade Jenkins in the offseason, even if they fielded some calls about him. They didn’t know about Morris Claiborne. They know they need corners. And they had yet to play a game, so they had hope that 2012 could be a playoff year.

Jenkins will not be back with the Cowboys in 2013, so why not shop him? It makes sense and is not a slight on the player. In my view, he is a starting quality player. The slight is on the team’s chances in 2012.

Get something for Jenkins now as opposed to waiting for a compensatory pick that may never come.