More trustworthy: Jason Garrett or Tony Romo?

Do you feel Tony Romo has earned your trust in late-game situations? Or would you prefer Jason Garrett, if you feel he's progressing as a head coach?

Here are our takes:


For me, Tony Romo's blue-collar path to his position with the Dallas Cowboys sets the tone for this debate. He had to fight, scrap and claw for his opportunity after being undrafted, underappreciated and overlooked. He earned his spot the hard way. Jason Garrett -- the chosen one, aka the "Princeton Prince" -- was raised with a silver whistle in his diaper.


Tony Romo is a good quarterback who is regressing. Jason Garrett isn't regressing. The Dallas Cowboys' coach is learning and getting better. Can you question his playcalling? You can do that with every NFL coach. But if you want to say Garrett doesn't learn from his mistakes, you're wrong.

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