History on Cowboys side vs. Atlanta?

IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys have no chance of winning Sunday at undefeated Atlanta, right?

Thanks to the folks at ESPN Stats & Information, I will offer up a Lee Corso-like, Not so fast my friends.

Dating back to 1991, the Cowboys have won their last three games against opponents that were 7-0 or better at the time of the game.

Tony Romo has two of those wins, beating then 9-0 Indianapolis, 21-14, at Texas Stadium in 2006, and then 13-0 New Orleans, 24-17, in 2009. In 1991, the Cowboys ended Washington’s run at perfection with a 24-21 win against the Redskins.

After Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants I asked DeMarcus Ware if the Falcons’ game had any similar feel to that Saints’ game in 2009.

“I think every game for now is always, ‘We’ve got to win that game,’” Ware said. “We’ve got to find some way to win no matter what because we made so many mistakes in the beginning of the season. You’ve got to sort of get over that hump. It’s all about just winning. Winning out. That’s how I feel about the situation.”

Falcons fans could actually feel OK if they lose to the Cowboys Sunday. Why? Washington, New Orleans and Indianapolis all went on to win the Super Bowl those years.