Garrett keeps the same turnover message

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys are ranked 31st in the NFL in turnover-ratio at minus 11. The Cowboys are tied for the NFL lead in interceptions (13).

What compounds things is the Cowboys have forced eight turnovers this season.

Coach Jason Garrett said Monday he was frustrated with the lack of progress in the turnover battle because it seems he can't get his message across to his team about protecting the football.

Wednesday afternoon, Garrett said he won't change his approach to getting his team to fix this problem.

"I just think it's a combination of hitting things we've done before and we'll keep working the drills and keeping saying it in a different way and keep trying," Garrett said. "I think our players understand the impact in the game, the challenge is to take it from the practice field to the game field and the teams we play against are doing their best to get the turnovers and keep the ball away from us. We got to make sure, come game time, for those three hours we do a better job of it."

Atlanta, the Cowboys' opponent on Sunday, is 3-0 this season when creating three or more turnovers. The Cowboys are 0-2 when they've committed three or more turnovers. NFL teams are 1-24 when they commit three or more turnovers this season, with the Detroit Lions being the only team to have won a game despite the turnovers.

NFL teams are 17-5 when two or more turnovers are created.