Rob Ryan's takeover message working

IRVING, Texas – Before the Cowboys played Carolina two weeks ago defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had a little fun with words to help his unit get more takeaways.

Instead of calling them turnovers, of which the Cowboys forced four in the first five games, Ryan decided to call them takeovers, and the defense has four in the last two games.

“I think everything happens for a reason,” cornerback Brandon Carr said. “It was God’s message to Rob to say, ‘Say takeovers now,’ and boom we get takeovers,” cornerback Brandon Carr joked. “We’re riding with that now ... I think it came at the right time. I guess changing the word, it’s refreshing to hear the word takeover and not turnover. Hopefully we can continue to have those takeovers come in our favor this week.”

The Cowboys have interceptions from Morris Claiborne and Danny McCray against the Panthers and New York Giants and fumble recoveries by DeMarcus Ware and Claiborne.

Now if only Ryan can come up with a word-play to help the offense stop giving the ball away so much.