Brandon Carr's swag is back

IRVING, Texas – For a couple weeks Brandon Carr admits he wasn’t Brandon Carr.

“I didn’t lose confidence,” Carr said. “I just lost my swag a little bit. It took a left turn on me, but I got it back right, so I’m ready to rock and roll.”

It’s come at a good time after facing New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz last week and Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Roddy White up this Sunday. Carr helped limit Cruz to two catches for 23 yards and Eli Manning to just 192 yards passing.

What’s the difference between confidence and swag?

“My swag is just how I carry myself on the field,” Carr said. “I’m an introverted person so I feed off myself more than anybody else. I kind of lost the whole swag and kind of forgot what got you to this point and who you are and you try to tailor your game or yourself to what others say or how they want you to play. I just pretty much had to say, ‘Beep, beep, beep, beep.’ That’s a whole bunch of exclamation points and asterisks.”

The Falcons figure to be the most difficult pass defense threat the Cowboys have faced this year, and Carr played reporter himself as he talked to reporters.

“Let’s talk about the game, Brandon, what about these receivers?” Carr said. “These receivers, it’s another challenging week. They’ve got some guys that get the ball. They’ve got a quarterback who can make any throw on the field. It’s a high-powered offense and they have the record to prove it.”