Boos bounce right off Jerry Jones

IRVING, Texas – If you’re booing Jerry Jones because you believe it will make a difference, stop wasting your breath.

If you’re just venting frustration at Jerry, well, by all means …

For better or worse, maybe the most impressive thing about Jerry is how he handles criticism. The man’s skin is like an armadillo shell.

“I don’t tune it out. I hear the criticism. I hear the boos,” Jerry said after being booed by the crowd in his $1.2 billion stadium Sunday. “I read the paper and I hear the radio shows. It’s not tuned out, but it never has been at all. I do know that it really does go with the territory. It really does. It goes with it.”

Of course, he’s had plenty of practice dealing with disgruntled fans, beginning with his first day on the job, when he incensed a fan base by firing legendary coach Tom Landry. And folks might have been even angrier after Jerry’s ego played a starring role in his divorce from Jimmy Johnson after back-to-back Super Bowls.

Add 15 years of maddening mediocrity, and it’s certainly understandable that fans unleash their verbal wrath when Jerry’s face graces his beloved 60-yard big screens.

“And I feel those same kinds of things and same frustration,” Jerry said. “It’s just that I also have to sit down and think about how we can do it better and what we can do. But I know you shouldn’t do this if you can’t handle criticism.”

Jerry feels frustration, but it’s not the same as the fans’. Far from it.

The masses want the general manager with the most job security in sports to step down. They see the GM as the common thread for an underachieving franchise that has had one playoff win and six head coaches in the last decade and a half, and they want Jerry to give the job to a qualified man whose sole focus is building the best football team possible – not marketing the team, booking the stadium and selling everything from popcorn to panties.

Jerry sees three his three Super Bowl rings as justification that his way is the right way. He rationalizes that eliminating the middle man in the Cowboys’ management structure is more efficient, recent results be damned.

Jerry give up GM duties? Please. He’s more likely to move the team to L.A.

If it makes you feel better, go ahead and keep booing. Jerry hears it, but it bounces right off his shell.

It’d hurt him a lot more if folks would just stay home instead of paying four figures to be furious.