Jerry Jones says Cowboys need near perfect game in ATL

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys have a few factors going against them against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night. The Cowboys have lost their last seven Sunday night games, are struggling at protecting the football (31st in turnover-ratio) and injuries to their top two running backs, No. 2 receiver and key inside linebacker hamper the lineup.

But team owner/general manager believes his team can win. Of course he does, if they play a near perfect game.

"Well I think I've always felt that if you controlled the ball you will open up your running game," Jones said on his radio show on KRLD-FM Friday morning. "And so that I can conceive a situation where we’re throwing the ball and throwing it well and we can, and that again, the balance that Jason (Garrett) talks about can happen even if (we) come out throwing the ball a lot. Last weekend, we played Baltimore ran the ball well (227 yards) and we come out here and we have to throw the ball a lot against the Giants (62 pass attempts), they had the players and the game plan to do that. What I want us to do is take what Atlanta gives us without a mistake, take what they give us without a mistake and I can predict the score for ya."

When asked for a prediction, Jones laughed and said, "it will be positive Cowboys."

Some would take that as a guarantee, but Jones wasn't guaranteeing a victory. The Cowboys owner was just answering a question by being positive regarding his team.