DeMarco Murray has tests still to pass

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys are not sure if DeMarco Murray will be able to play Sunday against Philadelphia, but the second-year running back’s sprained foot is improving.

“The process you go through with an injury like that is you have different thresholds,” coach Jason Garrett said. “He has to be able to do different things. He has to be able to 10 times go up and down on his toes. Then, he has to be able to hop on his foot by itself without any pain. Then, he has to be able to jog. All that kind of stuff. So there’s a number of different thresholds that he has to get past before he can even practice. We obviously want him to practice before he plays in the game.”

Garrett said Murray has passed some but not all of the tests and that Murray will work out over the next two days to see if he can return to the field.

Murray has missed the last three games with the injury suffered in the first half against Baltimore on Oct. 14. Without Murray, the Cowboys' running game has picked up 167 yards on 68 carries.

“I think if you look at the games that he’s played we’ve had a lot of success running the football and that’s helped our football team,” Garrett said. “It’s helped us play better up front in the offensive line. It’s helped us throw the ball better. We’ve probably played better defense when he’s played for us.”