Does Jason Garrett know something we don't?

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IRVING, Texas -- There is speculation Sean Payton will become the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys. There are questions about the play calling.

There are questions about whether or not Jason Garrett has what it takes to lead the Cowboys to the postseason.

Dallas is 3-5 heading into its Sunday afternoon game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Since 1990, only seven NFL teams have reached the postseason after starting 3-5.

Will the Cowboys make the playoffs given that stat?

Garrett doesn't seemed fazed by any of this. Does he know something?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hasn't given Garrett the dreaded vote of confidence, but maybe he doesn't need too because he feels he's not making a coaching change.

Garrett said his mood hasn't changed, his message is still the same and he doesn't have any extra grey hair popping through that red hair of his.

"I haven’t aged," Garrett joked Monday.

Maybe Garrett isn't aging because he knows he'll be around for the third year of his contract in 2013 and of the next eight opponents on the schedule, only Pittsburgh (5-3) has a winning record. Of those eight games, five are at Cowboys Stadium.

So regardless of the criticism, Garrett is blocking things out because he knows, we think, things will get better.

He's got the possibility of DeMarco Murray returning this week to the lineup, maybe even inside linebacker Dan Connor from injuries.

Maybe things are looking up?

"I just think you have to do that," Garrett said of blocking out criticism. "That's the nature of our league. There's a lot of attention on the NFL, a lot of attention on the Dallas Cowboys and that's what makes this thing great. When things go well, usually the attention is positive and when they don't go well it can be negative. Whether it's directed at individual people and certainly at our football team, but it's like a lot of cities around this league, the best teams are mentally tough and just keep going forward. They fight through the success as much as they fight through the adversity so, over the course of 16 games you will have both and you just got keep moving forward and learn from the past experience, both good and bad and get ready for the next challenge."