Early draft preview: Look to the lines

Never too early to think about the NFL draft, especially in divisions in which three of the four teams are at least two games under .500 at the midpoint. So here's a link to Mel Kiper Jr.'s Insider pieceInsider about what teams need to look for in next year's draft. He believes three of our four teams should pick offensive linemen with their first pick and the Giants should pick a pass-rushing defensive end. Here's the list of the players Mel assigns to each of the NFC East teams, bearing in mind that the Redskins do not have a 2013 first-rounder:

Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Thomas, OT/G, Tennessee. Mel shoots down the idea that they need to be thinking about a Tony Romo replacement and says Romo's biggest problem is what's going on in front of him. I agree.

New York Giants: Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon. Because of the assumption that Osi Umenyiora moves on, which is a good assumption. Mel also thinks they'd do well to get a cornerback.

Philadelphia Eagles: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan. The problem on the offensive line in Philly is that their best linemen are hurt, but even if they all come back healthy they could obviously use depth there. Quarterback is also a possibility if Michael Vick is gone and Nick Foles isn't going to be ready right away.

Washington Redskins: Jonathan Cooper, OT/G, North Carolina. Yes, Mel understands they could use help in the secondary, but he believes the most important thing for the Redskins moving forward is making sure Robert Griffin III stays in one piece, and it's hard to argue.