DeMarcus Ware won't guarantee a Cowboys win

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware isn't Antonio Cromartie.

The New York Jets cornerback said his team, despite its 3-5 record, is going to the playoffs.

Jets coach Rex Ryan backed up the boast.

The Cowboys are 3-5 heading into a possible season-saving game at the Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) on Sunday. Ware was asked if he would guarantee a victory.

"Hell naw. Get that out of here," Ware said while laughing.

Asked about guaranteeing a playoff berth like Cromartie did, Ware said, "That's them. I know when to keep my mouth shut. I just get out there and play."

Ware said the Cowboys are playing just like their record and it's time to get things going in a positive direction.

"Right now we’re a 3-5 team," Ware said. "That's what our record tells us that we are and there’s no ifs, ands and buts about it. Yeah, we can we play better, but we haven’t played better in those games that we lost. So we got to sort of figure out, I feel like that we have, going into this week, of how to execute and how to play a better game and figure out how to change those Ls to Ws."

Ware said he doesn't believe his team should have any special team meetings or be in a desperation mode given where the Cowboys are in their season.

"I wouldn’t say desperate, either the time is now or never," Ware said. "We do have our backs to the wall and it’s not a panic time, it’s a time you got to push back and you can’t be playing like we’ve been playing. We have to have some type of results."