Losing not an option for Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett can't stand the word "desperation." You can add "worry," "frustration" and "pressure" to the list of words for which he has no regard.

Garrett detests the message those words convey. Worthless emotions, he says.

"I just don't like the word at all," Garrett said of the Cowboys being desperate. "We're desperate? That means you start doing some things that are out of character and random, and there's no method to your madness.

"'Urgency' is a much better word. 'Focus' is a much better word. We have a plan. We understand what we need to do. We understand the steps we need to take to win. We know we need to stay in the short term and focus on today and focus on this week. I just like that mentality much better."

Well, that's all good but those words will continue to swirl around his football team like crows circling roadkill unless the Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

The loser falls to 3-6, making the playoffs a pipe dream.

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